Introduction to guide belt:
1. Ring structure: all the guide belt structures produced by the company are ring-shaped without interface design, each of which is independent closed-loop and integrated.
2. Strong temperature and chemical resistance: JSR from Japan, Langsheng rubber from France and dozens of other imported chemical additives are used for the surface rubber layer to form an exclusive proportion, so as to meet the rubber layer resistance performance of the guide belt in different application fields.
3. Strong stability: it contains imported Kevlar fiber, which improves the strength of the guide belt.
4. High precision: the thickness precision difference of belt body after overall honing is only 3-5 wires, which completely avoids other adverse effects such as unevenness, easy layering, inconsistent tension and even fracture of splicing belt at the joint; and the guide belt after high-speed honing not only releases the internal stress of guide belt, but also reduces the grinding process before gluing.

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