Enterprise mission

In the past 30 years, the rubber guide belt without interface, which was born by professional service in printing and dyeing industry, has gradually won the favor of domestic and foreign users and main engine factories for its unique non interface structure, high-precision temperature and corrosion resistance, and its application scope has also successfully radiated to the high-precision coating industry. With the spirit of bold research and development, we have been producing and developing special specifications and requirements for our customers, which has gradually formed the unique market competitive advantage of Jiangyin Guangyuan tape Co., Ltd. We will always be guided by the future needs of the industry, adhere to the principle of "quality first, user first", provide the most stable and accurate guide belt for the customers with professional needs, and strive to create another world brand in the guide belt industry.

Be dedicated:

Annotation: adhere to the principle of love, dedication, dedication, and doing everything well with heart; adhere to the principle of setting an example, make every effort, and dare to bear the responsibility and risk; adhere to the principle of hard study, continuous progress, continuous improvement, continuous surpassing, and committed to the sustainable development of the enterprise.

Struggle hard:

Annotation: adhere to the concept of "sailing against the current, no advance, no retreat, slow progress, no retreat" through the establishment of the awareness of good patient and crisis. In this way, we can promote everyone to "fight", everyone to be good at "fight" and everything to "fight", and form a happy situation of blooming flowers, galloping horses, numerous talents and increasing benefits.

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