Use and install

Guide belt installation and commissioning:

1. Take out the guide belt from the packing box and put it on the smooth and clean operation platform for development. First, check whether the rubber layer of the guide belt has any surface pit or edge damage caused by the transportation process.

2. During installation, arrange appropriate number of operators to install according to the actual size of the guide belt. Pay attention to the installation under the condition of keeping the guide belt flat, and do not bend to the guide belt to avoid irreversible impact on the accuracy after installation.

3. After the guide belt is put on the machine, it will run slowly first, and gradually tighten the guide belt. The recommended adjustment range of the elongation after the guide belt is tensioned is 3 ‰ ~ 5 ‰. The elongation and the time required for tensioning are determined according to the actual working conditions, and the accuracy of flower matching when printing is taken as the inspection index.

4. After the basic stress of the guide belt is adjusted uniformly, it shall be adjusted to medium speed to keep continuous operation. It is suggested that the pause time should not exceed 15 minutes in the process of debugging the guide belt, which can release the internal stress of the new guide belt once and evenly. We find that the longer the running time and the more stress the guide belt releases, the better the stability of the guide belt in use.

5. After professional grinding, the guide belt can be directly glued after being washed with clear water, which can not only reduce the grinding process of guide belt, but also avoid the thickness difference of guide belt caused by manual grinding, thus affecting the accuracy.

Guide belt maintenance:

1. During cleaning and maintenance, butyl acetate, ethanol and other solvents can be used for cleaning. Under the condition of continuous and rapid operation, acetone is also resistant. After cleaning, clean it with water immediately.

2. The surface of the main roller of the conveyor belt must be checked and kept flat. Garbage, protrusions and hard objects will have adverse effects on the belt.

3. If slight damage (such as scratch, blister, etc.) is found on the surface of the guide belt, stop using immediately, so as to avoid damage of the whole guide belt caused by damage expansion and irreparable.

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