New technology of textile printing focusing on super fashion

Release time:2019-10-24 11:06:47

Visit 2014fespa China digital printing exhibition to learn about the super fashionable new technology of textile printing application - brilliant speech of international experts, practical training, and the future of cross strait printing salon facing sustainable development of the industry.

2014 China International screen printing and digital printing exhibition, fespa China Digital Printing Exhibition and China International Textile Printing Exhibition opened on November 19 in poly World Trade Expo Guangzhou one week later. It has always been an important part of fespa China digital printing exhibition to fully represent the super new development and application of digital printing technology in the textile printing industry in Asia Pacific region. Colleagues in the industry can not only see many textile printing brand manufacturers, but also attend technical lectures and practical training focusing on textile printing innovation.

Mr. Neil Felton, managing director of fespa, said: "as the organizer of screen printing and digital printing exhibition, fespa must focus on the textile printing industry. Digital printing technology has brought vitality to textile printing industry rooted in traditional screen printing. From soft label production to clothing, fashion printing and indoor decoration, textile printing market has great potential. The digital textile printing technology forum just held by fespa in Italy is a fresh proof of this development trend. Now we are holding the second forum in Turkey, focusing on the textile printing market. Csgia exhibition has also been representing the development of textile printing industry. The cooperation between fespa and Csgia has introduced super new digital printing technology into China, making Chinese textile printing enterprises understand how digital technology creates new value for traditional textile printing products. "

During the exhibition, visitors can attend a two-day technical forum. In the lecture, there is a lecture entitled "digital textile printing practice and analysis research" by Mr. mark Gervais, manager of Ningbo Shenzhou knitting printing company, and a lecture entitled "printing high-quality special effect patterns with high-density ink" by Mr. Charlie taublib, a veteran expert of fespa textile printing. The next day, there was a lecture on "micro spray printing solution and application" by Mr. Song Haiyang, product manager of Epson China's large format printer, and a lecture on "new development of chip digital printing" by Mr. Rong Hua, marketing manager of Shanghai Hongkun Digital Textile Technology Co., Ltd. the audience could perceive the new technology and new trends of textile printing industry from different perspectives. In addition, there are the "super new development trend of ceramic digital printing" of cel, the "image photolithography technology and photoelectric industry application" of Hengxu electronic materials company in Taiwan, the "automation, digital and UV trend of screen printing industry" of Tianling group, the "UV innovation technology and glass art decoration" of Hangzhou Kewang special ink company and the "cloud design intelligence" of heimai digital technology company. Manufacturing - Thinking of Internet thinking in the application field of ceramics and home decoration digital printing ". These contents are rich, and the technical lectures concerned by the industry will input positive energy for the transformation, upgrading, innovation and development of enterprises to colleagues in the industry.

The exhibition invited Mr. Charlie taublib, a veteran Professor, to operate the whole process of T-shirt printing on site and teach printing skills by hand in the textile printing training area.

Mr. mark Gervais, manager of Ningbo Shenzhou knitting and printing company, said: "visiting the exhibition and attending the technical exchange will benefit the printing enterprises greatly. They can learn a lot about new textile raw materials, inks, find new automatic printing equipment, and develop digital printing technology to adapt products to special market needs. The scale of this fespa China Digital Printing Exhibition is much larger than that of the last one. The equipment and materials on display are all cutting-edge. The audience is worth spending time to communicate with exhibitors and other peers, not only to understand the occurrence of the industry today, but also to foresee future development. "

The digital printing hall occupies one and a half of the exhibition hall. International exhibitors include chamgroup, chemistry, j-teck, Kian, kornitdigital, mhm, montitanio, mssrl, prodecran, REGGIANI and siser. Come and join us. There will be surprises in 2014 China International screen printing and digital printing exhibition, fespa China Digital Printing Exhibition and China International Textile Printing Exhibition.

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