Application scope of digital printing

Release time:2019-10-24 10:24:00

1. Personalized gift market

The domestic gift market has reached 9.8 billion, which has become a popular trend. Printing your own photos or favorite pictures, icons, and words on the gift can get rid of the stereotyped face of the gift, and more reflect the value of the gift and the ingenuity of the giver.

2. Home decoration and furniture market

The domestic home decoration market has reached tens of billions, and the family personalized decoration is also quietly popular. According to their favorite home style, users print their favorite photos or images on decorative paintings, tiles, furniture and floors, decorate their home with their favorite style, and create their own personal space?

3. Personalized products market

Nowadays, quite a part of the users in the popular mobile phone and digital product market are young and fashionable groups. Printing their own logo on these products is a good embodiment of personality. Some carry on items, such as make-up mirror, lighter, wallet, backpack and so on, are also good ways for these users to express their personality.

4. Personalized image consumer goods market

With the rapid development of digital image, people are no longer limited to printing their own photos on photo paper. Digital printing system can print any image on crystal, glass, acrylic, metal, ceramics, oil painting, etc. The effect of products printed on different materials is different from the feeling of people. People can print their own photos on different materials, which enriches the expression form and effect of photos.

5. Product market around movies, games, animation and popular culture

Universal digital printing system can also conveniently print pictures or popular elements such as current popular movies, anime, hip-hop on some items according to the popular trend.

6. Advertising and signage market

High quality, high price, small and medium-sized batch advertising and sign making, such as all kinds of metal membership cards, time cards, chest cards, tags, authorization cards and other full-color printing, which is difficult to achieve by the current printing technology.

7. Professional proofing

One time forming, without plate making, some materials can be used repeatedly, with low cost; computer directly typesetting, modification, production, simple operation, high efficiency, greatly reducing costs.

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